Covid 19 pandemic: a detrimental impact on the health and wellbeing of employees

The COVID-19 Pandemic will have a long term effect on the way we are working. Habits and guidelines are changing across Europe on almost a daily basis.

Flex-office, home office, co-working spaces, hot-desking or the traditional office, are just a few of the new ways of working employers and employees are confronted with. This evolution of workspaces has a significant impact on the comfort and ergonomics of your teams, which are a prerequisite to ensure their well-being and efficiency.

Our partner Fellowes Brands has conducted a pan-European survey to shine a light on the new ways of working, and the impacts that a poor workstation set-up has on our physical and mental health. The results show that this is a topic you should seriously take into consideration.

As an international specialist on the working environment topic, Lyreco is here to help you embrace these new challenges through expert advice, dedicated services and a broad ergonomic solutions offering.

How is the new way of working impacting your teams' physical and mental health?

The New Way of Working study from Fellowes interviewed 7000 employees across Europe and revealed…

‣  Home working is having a damaging impact on employees mental and physical health.

  Inadequate home workstations and work pressures are putting people’s health at risk.

‣  The home working trend is likely to continue in the future therefore, going forward, it will be critical for businesses and governments to review and adapt working practises, to future proof the health of the workforce.

‣  Home comforts seem a long way off for many people working from home, with a significant number experiencing pain and discomfort caused by their work set-up. Employees surveyed complained of suffering from strained eyes, headaches, sore back and stiff neck.
With over half (52%) of those surveyed saying that their home workstation caused more aches, pains and strains than their corporate office workstation, it seems that not enough has been done to help workers’ home set ups meet health and safety standards.

Wherever you work - take action and make your workstation ergonomic

Together we can help your teams with the right solutions, whether working at home or in the office.

Introduce movement and enhance posture, with the Fellowes' range of healthy working solutions to transform your workstation for improved health, wellbeing and productivity. Enhance your workstation now with the 25% cash back offer available.
Check your posture
A back and foot support may help achieve the best working position

Support your wrists
Keep your forearms parallel with the top of your desk and wrists in a fairly neutral position
Achieve comfortable viewing
Ensure your eyes are in
line with the top of
your screen
Introduce movement
Regular changes to your working position helps you work better and feel better

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